Wow, it’s been awhile.

A lot has happened since my last post. While studying in England, I got pretty busy. I wasn’t really able to write much on this blog. Most of my time writing was focused on revisions of a short film I wrote, The Resurrectionist, inspired by a documentary I produced several years ago,ย The London Burkers.

The rest of my semester abroad was incredible. I was able to get up to Scotland a couple times and saw so many shows. London (and the UK) is probably my favorite place on Earth.

After my trip, I went back to Capilano University and finished my degree! A Bachelors of Motion Picture Arts. Guys! I’m a graduate! Finally! (It only took 9 years after High School) Goes to show its not a race, as long as you find what you love, it’s all worth it.

In my last year, I produced a couple of commercials and helped create a branded media business.

Now it’s the summer. I have found myself working on a tv show in town, however, not very regularly. Still searching for the next big adventure.

I am also currently working on two stories (one a script, one a novel), so please expect some posts about my research and writing about these.

It’s my goal to write much more often both within this blog and towards these stories.


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